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Community Developed Tools

Broadband Rhode Island developed this Digital Literacy project to be an open source Community of Practice.  In that tradition, we encourge you to use any tips, techniques, and materials posted below by your fellow instructors that you feel may aid in your instruction.

If you have some method, technique, diagram, idea, etc. that you have found to be successful in teaching adults digital literacy please submit the idea and/or materials to the Digital Literacy Coordinator Your submission will be posted here for other instructors to integrate into their class design.


Module(s) Suggestion Description File(s) Attachment Submitter
1 & 2 Metaphor:
Browser & Car
This one page handout (front and back) provides a visual analogy that helps the beginning student understand the need and functionality of a browser Browser-Car-Metaphor
Format: .XLS
Don Gregory
 1 Home Page Settings This one page handout explains how to change the home page settings in Internet Explorer  Change home
Format: .DOC
 Cranston Public Library
3 Snail vs. email This one page handout shows the similarities and differences between hard copy mail and electronic mail Snail vs Email
Format: .PUB
Cranston Public Library
4 Internet Safety & Privacy Slideshow
This PowerPoint file was developed by Don Gregory to use in teaching Internet Safety (module 4) at the Providence Public Library Safety Slides
Format: .PPT
Public Library
 All Shortcuts Graphic This is a link to a graphic that provides keyboard shortcut key combinations that can help speed up navigation and other tasks  Shortcuts
Format: Link
 Ramon Garcia & Alisson Walsh
All Class Preparedness
This is a link to document that instructors can use to run through prior to teaching any technology/digital literacy class Prepare
Format: PUB
Ramon Garcia & Betsy Dalton

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