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Developed with an eye towards the trainer’s ease-of-use, the novice Internet user’s needs and the typical training contexts found in community organizations throughout Rhode Island, the BBRI Internet Basics Curriculum and Instructor’s Manual is a set of 6 modules (1 optional) designed to help instructors teach core Internet skills to those who have little or no experience using the Internet. Each  module offers a lesson plan that serves as a basic class “roadmap” that trainers can adapt to fit their style. Each module builds upon the lessons of the last.


  Internet Basics Instructor’s Manual – English Version

  Internet Basics Instructor’s Manual – Spanish Version

  Instructor Guide – Computer Skills for 2014 GED Test – English Version


If you have developed your own custom Digital Literacy Curriculum please consider sharing it here

 Suggested Supplemental Lessons





Parts of a Computer (Mouse, Keyboard)


eVermont (YouTube)

Parts of a Web Browser


eVermont ( YouTube)

Internet Security (Scams, Spam, Safe Browsing, etc.)

Interactive Lesson

GCF Learn Free

How to Read a Webpage

Interactive Webpage

GCF Learn Free

How to PRINT a Web Page

Static Webpage

The Beehive


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