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Challenging Situations of a Language Nature

The following situations and suggested actions were proposed by one or more partipants at one of several Digital Literacy Instructor Workshops conducted during 2012:


Situation Suggested Action
Language – No English “Trust” your co-instructor
1-on-1 you work directly in native language; simplify the English
Ahead of time use translation resources  e.g.; Change website to their language
Ask her to bring granddaughter back
Ask the class:  can anyone help with this language?
Ask translator to stay
Can we make the classes in other languages?
Cheat sheet in images
Detect up front – ground rules
ESL in the computer
Key words is translated in glossary
Language translator-need headphones with microphone
Look for a student in room who speaks the language
Relate the DL to something relevant to their interests
Separate class
Show “her” websites not in English
Tell them you will find a class in their language
Trainer slows down his or her speech
Use a bi-lingual teacher who goes back and forth using both languages
Use Google translator
Use visual gestures with your hands
Use visuals and body language to communicate
Use/point to symbols
Visual presentation

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