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Challenging Situations of a Behavioral Nature

The following situations and suggested actions were proposed by one or more partipants at one of several Digital Literacy Instructor Workshops conducted during 2012:


Situation Suggested Action
Young disrupter “Let us help you”
Ask him questions to determine what he needed
Became an assistant teacher – give him a job
Common code of behavior presented up front
Create a conversation in the teaching team
Deflect them back to content by project/predict and reflect on what I would do if I had this challenge
Kept the class flow by pairing him up with another student
One trainer works 1-on-1
Partner him with an engaged student
Politely escort him out of the room
Speak softly to the person
Take a short break
Teamwork = one person works 1-1, if needing more info
The good cop-kept him on track and the bad cop-addressed his needs…You take over – I’ll catch him up
Use the rules of engagement created in the first class…take him to the side and talk to him at a break
When he tried to move the class to focus on job search, say: we will get to it in another class
When someone comments about everything…just keep moving instead of addressing everything
Looking for a fight / Contrarian Declare up front what behaviors are acceptable
First class-introduce your rules of engagement and invite them to add to them
Save questions until the end  (use “Parking Lot”)
Say: “Looks like you don’t want to be here”
Stand right next to the person (you don’t have to say anything; proximity)
Take him or her to the side at the break
When you conclude the person won’t stop: you say “one more comment like that and you are out of here”
Know it all – “this is boring” Pair with someone who is struggling
Put her to work
Everyone talking at the same time Patience
Split the class
Stop…”Let’s identify together what’s going on/what’s the problem”… then group them together to solve the same problem
Come to class, but doesn’t want to learn… Just want to say, “I tried it!” Discuss with them…is this what you really want to do?
Find what will most capture their interest (do something they want like play solitaire)
Use a beginning survey…why are you here?  What do you want to learn?

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