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Become an Instructor

The BBRI Instructor Network: A Community of Commitment

Are you excited about technology and interested in sharing that excitement with others? Do you enjoy helping people learn new skills? If so, you should consider becoming a Digital Literacy Program Instructor.

BBRI is building a network of committed, knowledgeable, and engaging Instructors who want to contribute their time and talents to educate their fellow Rhode Islanders in how to use technology and the Internet. No particular work background or education level is required.

Every day librarians, teachers, computer instructors, and volunteers throughout the state teach valuable digital literacy skills to Rhode Islanders who need them to get a job, download government forms, or educate themselves and others. The contributions that these trainers make to the lives of those who they serve are invaluable, particularly because they often serve individuals who face significant challenges. BBRI is committed to supporting these trainers’ efforts to close the digital divide, and to recruiting as many of them as possible to join a statewide self-sustaining Instructor network.

By joining and actively participating in BBRI’s trainer network, those who work in the areas of digital literacy and adult education are reaffirming their commitment to their important work and pledging to support each other. This peer-to-peer network provides them with valuable information about teaching skills and trends, updated class material, and online interaction that consolidates and strengthens this community of commitment.

Joining the Instructor Network

Whether you’re a computer instructor at a not-for-profit organization, a college student seeking to fulfill volunteer service requirements, or a civic-minded volunteer, joining the Digital Literacy Program trainer network will give you access to resources that will help you make and maximize your contributions to closing the digital divide. Joining the network involves three simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Instructor Self-Assessment to gauge your teaching skills and reach out to BBRI
  2. Once contacted by BBRI, attend a Instructor Workshop to learn about BBRI resources, practice your teaching skills, and meet fellow Instructors
  3. Teach a course or set of courses using the BBRI Open Source Curriculum at your organization or other training sites within your community.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in becoming a trainer but have a question, please feel free to contact the Digital Literacy Coordinator.

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