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Instructor Workshops

Technology training is a specialized form of instruction with its own unique challenges and rewards. While it is commonly assumed that those with a technical background are best suited for the task, this is not always true. Rather, the same skills and traits that make good teachers of other subjects also make good technology trainers.BBRI’s Instructor Workshop is a class for instructors of adults who wish to hone their digital literacy teaching skills for integration into their classroom or individualized lesson plans.

This hands-on interactive course blends together resources, learning theories, practical advice, and the collective experience of participants to empower instructors to teach basic and advanced digital literacy skills. It also serves as a way for trainers from throughout the state and from many organizations (libraries, housing authorities, adult education teachers, and others) to get to know and work with each other.

Downloadable resources used in sorkshops:

Pre & Post Instructor Workshop Surveys


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